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04 March 2007 @ 10:02 pm
Oreo have you been reading my diary?  
Who Lily, Fabian
What TBD
Where Great Hall

Lily always had quite the imagination, ever since she was just a little girl. She submerged herself in books, mostly fictitious, and lost herself in the unreal worlds. Who didn't love the made-up stories of vampires, unicorns and werewolves? Of course, Lily soon learned that they weren't all fictional after receiving her unexpected letter to Hogwarts. But it didn't make the stories any less interesting. In fact they appealed to Lily even more, knowing that there was a possibility in the things she read.

The lioness could be found sitting in the Great Hall alone, save for the company of the novel in her hands. Green eyes were glued widely and attentively to pages as she tapped her foot against the ground. It was a relatively small book that she had begun just the day before arriving at Hogwarts and hadn't had a chance to continue it until now. At this point in the story the Vampire had just confessed his love for a witch, but they both knew that they could never be together. It was so, so, so sad.

And corny. And Lily knew this, which was the reason she had charmed the cover of the tome to resemble that of a charms textbook. There was no way she was going to allow others in on her secret. She preferred to keep the fact that she had a soft spot for the corny sorry-excuse-for-literature novels to herself. As far as everyone else knew? it was the history of the Bubble Charm that was making the Gryffindor all glassy-eyed.

Lily drew a hand back from the book and reached around blindly for her goblet of juice. Apparently she had found it, because a sudden flow of pink liquid splashed onto the table, droplets sinking into the pages of her book. She gasped as soon as she saw the mess and tossed her book down the table, away from the spill. Lily reached into her white cotton tote bag and extracted her wand. Pointing her the polished stick of wood she muttered a hasty scourgify and cleaned up the spillage before it had the chance to stream off the side of the table.

fabulously_fab on March 5th, 2007 05:08 pm (UTC)
"Nice one, Evans!" Fabian called out as he strolled over to her and took a seat on the bench across from her. He was grinning broadly and folded his hands in front of him. A bored Prewett twin probably wasn't the interruption Lily had been expecting, but Fabian could care less. He should have been studying for an exam or revising his notes, but taking the piss out of the prefect sounded like a lot more fun. He was older and therefore cooler and not as annoying as her yearmates. He leaned forward to peer over the edge of her book, wondering why she'd pick a place like the Great Hall to read when it could get bloody loud with all the ruckus people made at dinner.

He stretched his neck but was unable to read any of the words, "Bubble charms that interesting, eh, Evans? I dunno 'bout you, but I'd work on my stain protection charms. Or making things unspillable," Fabian chuckled at his own joke and smiled at the younger girl to let her know he was just teasing and didn't mean anything harmful by it.
damelilium on March 6th, 2007 12:01 am (UTC)
Lily curled her lip at the roll on her napkin that was now moderately saturated in fruit juice. Gross. She wrapped it up in a second dry napkin and set it in the center of the table, far away from her plate. "What?" she cocked a brow, looking up from her duties to see who had called after her. Her eyes narrowed on the Prewett boy, embarrassed that he had seen her. “Oh,” that was just fantastic. She didn’t mind if people witnessed her slipping up, because duh. She was human, but it was still terribly discomforting. The red in her cheeks proved that.

After sixth years at Hogwarts it became much more easier to tell the twins apart. Sure, they were identical but there were things to set them apart. And one foolproof way to detect who was who was simple; she took a quick gander at the boy’s chin and noticed the lack of scar, which confirmed her suspicions. “Witty,” Lily avoided his gaze, pouring a new goblet of juice; “I’ll have to keep that in mind. Why aren’t you in Ravenclaw again?” She quickly set the pitcher back down and reached for her book, slipping it back into her bag in case he got a better look at the pages. “Well, bubble charms are terribly interesting, “ she flashed her housemate a light-hearted grin before pausing to take a sip from her goblet. She wasn’t upset with the boy—she didn’t take offense that easily.

“Hey, could you pass that?” Lily gestured towards the tiny platter of butter as she not-so-lightly salted her jacket potato halves. “How was your summer, glad to be back? I know you’re looking forward to Quidditch.” Maybe she didn’t care so much for the sport, but she still enjoyed her house winning. Besides, who didn’t?
fabulously_fab on March 10th, 2007 07:49 pm (UTC)
(sorry my computer like. died on me)
"I am not in Ravenclaw, because I am part of the bravest and most fearsome," Fabian said, tugging on his Gryffindor tie hand handing her over the butter, pulling a load of vegetables onto his plate. "Plus, life would be incredibly boring if you didn't have Gid and I in the house. We don't cause mayhem, but admit it, Evans, you would definitely miss me if I wasn't around," he gave her a really charming grin as he poured himself a drink. He was in a particularly cheerful mood and while he wouldn't have usually bothered with the younger years, but Evans was fun to talk to, especially when Potter and that lot weren't around teasing her.

"My summer was great. Gid and I had loads of fun, sneaking around and trying to teach Billy how to fly without Molly finding out," Fabian waggled his eyebrows, "It's not hard to do when she's got Charlie to look after but the threat of her hexes is definitely enough for us to want to keep it quiet. What about you? Did you go anywhere on holiday? You look like you got a bit of sun, yeah?" He wasn't really sure if that was true, but it was a compliment and women liked compliments, right?