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06 March 2007 @ 04:31 pm
who Gideon, Remus
what TBD
where The Library

A galleon wasn’t worth all that much money but Gideon’s ego was priceless. It wasn’t too big yet it wasn’t too small and that was exactly the way that he liked it. If protecting it meant taking his twin down a peg then Gid would do it no hassle. After all, Fabs had two extra minutes of head growth for him to catch up on. He’d decided not to take the obvious route of using first hand knowledge of his brother’s escapades and possessions- he knew that ripping up Fabian’s old teddy bear might not work anymore- and was, instead, rifling through the vast collection of potions books that the school had to offer, hoping that he’d find something tear inducing in one of them.

Gideon grabbed another book from the shelf, chucking it on top of the already towering pile of books that he’d collected and continued to scan the shelf for one final tome. The exact book, in fact, that he’d originally been looking for in the first place before realising that he could kill two birds with one stone and sort out his meddlesome twin while finishing his potions essay. But alas it was nowhere to be seen and Gideon was slowly becoming resigned to the fact that it wasn’t going to be making an appearance any time soon.

So he decided that he might as well wait a bit in case it magically appeared (it was Hogwarts after all) and pulled up a chair, eyes darting down the spines of the books that he’d piled up, one hand smacking his forehead as he realised that the one he wanted was already right at the bottom of the pile. Great. Intrepidly he grabbed at the book and dragged it from beneath the others. Slowly but surely it began to poke out but as he came to the final tug it flew out of his grasp and the other books started wobbling precariously before sliding from the desk and landing on top of him with a loud crash. Quietly cursing to himself Gideon realised that perhaps some Gryffindors stayed out of the library for good reason- at least in the common room there wasn't much risk of death by excruciatingly heavy pieces of parchment. If the deranged librarian caught him harming her precious books then he was done for and Gid hurriedly began throwing them back up on the table, clambering to his feet as he considered running before she came to check out the noisy disturbance.
refinedsavage on March 8th, 2007 06:55 pm (UTC)
The library was always a nice, quiet place to take refuge when one had a pile of homework to complete, right?


Remus had just settled into a seat and opened his Transfiguration book, when a great deal of noise grabbed The Gryffindor's attention. He looked to find Gideon Prewett half-hidden beneath a volcano of volumes. Remus flinched, looked around for the hawkish countenace of Madam Pince, and then abandoned his own work in favor of helping his housemate.

"Afternoon, Gideon," he mused lightly. "That's quite an impressive collection of books you've got there. Trying to build the next Mount Everest? Or just one of the Great Pyramids?" Remus bent over and scooped up a couple of the books, placing them gingerly on the table.
gidabout on March 8th, 2007 08:03 pm (UTC)
When he thought about it running probably wasn't a very good option. Someone would doubtless recognise him and, unless they mistook him for Fabian (a common mistake made by even the boys' own yearmates), report him to Pince if she screeched at them loud enough- she could be incredibly intimidating when she put her feathers into it. Instead he continued shoveling the books back onto the table at a fair speed. But, it seemed, he had been spotted by somebody. And that somebody was now helping him. Which meant that they were unlikely to be Pince about to scream at him and flap her wings. Gideon looked upwards and was exceedingly glad to see a familiarly friendly face.

"Cheers Remus, it's good to know there's someone normal in here," Gideon replied gratefully to the fifth year's valiant effort to remove the troublesome novels from their place on the floor. "And it's a new Machu Picchu actually," Gideon answered with a smile as the last of the books resurfaced upon the desk, "Bigger than the last and made solely from ruddy heavy potions books."

Heavy they were. Perhaps- he squinted over at the name of an author of a particularly heavy tome which was wailing quietly- Virinius Quirk had published his book on the sole condition that it had to be too heavy for the average wizard to handle when it fell on top of him. In any case, Gideon had learned his lesson; never place unwilling books on top of each other unless hoping for painful results.
refinedsavage on March 9th, 2007 07:50 pm (UTC)
"Normal?" Remus raised a light brown brow and smiled lightly. "I'm offended, Gideon. Didn't you know I'm part of Gryffindor's most infamous group of outlaws? We're very dangerous and..." And what? Come on, Remus! How hard is it come up with an adjective? "And edgy." Haha. Or maybe that was just James and Sirius. "Well, on the weekends, anyway," he added as an afterthought.

"Anyway, that is one pile of books to be envied. Slughorn would be proud." Hell, even Severus Snape would be probably proud to see so many potions books. That thought made Remus want to laugh, but as he didn't want to look like a prat, he continued to help Gideon pick up books instead.

"So you're going for the Potions N.E.W.T. next year, then? Brave soul." Potions had to be one of the most difficult of the tests. Remus himself was already fretting over the O.W.L. He was fairly certain he could scrape by, but that didn't change the fact that he was nervous.
gidabout on March 9th, 2007 08:31 pm (UTC)
"Edgy?" He grinned at Remus, rather amused by the other boy's sentiments, "You'd be better off the three musketeers- fighting crime and earning the rest of us poor suffering lot some house points." Gideon propped one of the books open, eyes scanning the small print of the index. While he was definitely not averse to a chat he could still work towards sorting his brother out in the meantime. "You could be the D'Artagnan of the group."

Shrugging, Gideon pushed the text to the side- it had been completely unhelpful- and opened another even larger book.
"Slughorn? Yeah, well, he might not approve of some of these." Gideon smirked, gesturing towards a dusty looking thing that was on closer inspection the equivalent of a potions joke book. "Then again, he's a pretty weird bloke, seems to like a bit of fun." Gideon found Slughorn disturbingly unpredictable and though he could definitely see that Slughorn was highly ambitious (the slug club was proof enough of that) he seemed to be surprisingly jolly for someone who had been part of, well, a houseful of malicious bullies.

"Hopefully I'll manage it without dropping dead. I have to work up enough effort for two if I ever want the chance to become an auror- I'm not really sure that Fabs has the ability to study without much energy stealing prodding first." In all honesty he was expecting to pass the N.E.W.T without too much trouble- potions wasn't his favourite subject but it wasn't really his worst either.
refinedsavage on March 13th, 2007 08:39 pm (UTC)
"Four musketeers," Remus corrected him lightly, with a laugh. But then, they all tended to forget about Peter, even when he was probably more likely than Remus to go along with the schemes that James and Sirius planned. But as the Pettigrew boy was small, and round, and not wonderfully clever, he instead acted as a shadow to their little foursome. "Unless we're counting Peter as a prop. But that wouldn't be very nice, would it?" Remus always felt a pang of guilt when he poked fun at Peter behind his back. He didn't strive to do it: it just happened sometimes. And yet he would be the first to defend him if the time called for it. "And D'Artagnan! Are you sure you aren't mixing me up with my mates?" He was far too reserved (not to mention self-conscious) to be the ringleader.

The young werewolf's gaze poured over the manual that Gideon chose to open. "A joke book, hmm?" The things people came up with were brilliant. Why they didn't put that brilliance to better use, he wasn't sure, but he could not blame them. In fact, he would rather like to thank the authors of such books, if only in private. Everyone needed a good laugh from time to time, especially when they were becoming more sparse. "You should take it to him. Perhaps he'll switch his lesson plan for the day, and let you have some fun... or else he'll take points from Gryffindor." Points that they undoubtedly needed.

"And people say the Slytherins are ambitious. I'm sure you'll make a great Auror, Gideon." Remus had complete and utter confidence in the majority of the older Gryffindors, particularly those as friendly as the Prewetts. It was the younger years he worried about. "What other classes are you taking, then? Nearly all of them, I suppose?"
gidabout on March 15th, 2007 04:45 pm (UTC)
"Oh, right, Peter..." Gideon trailed off, unsure whether or not he'd ever met this Peter chap. But then, he'd certainly seen Remus with his other friends and, when he strained his memory, Gideon could perhaps remember another quieter boy with them. "Then it really should be the four musketeers." And maybe a bit of a memory check on the side for him. "And they need someone to keep them in line don't they? They don't seem to have lost quite all our points yet so someone must be doing their job well- I daresay that you probably exercise some sort of control among the rabble. I think you'd make an excellent D'artagnan, even if your mates probably would give you a run for your money."

Gideon flicked past the page and paused, particularly interested in a potion designed to make the ears grow four times their natural size without any sort of counter brew that took less than a month to create. But he was dawdling off task and, he sharply reminded himself, he was there for a reason. Crying.
"I wouldn't risk it, he's probably read most of the potions books in this place anyway," Gideon replied with a shrug, "Actually I was just looking up something for my brother. Some sort of tear jerking concoction- I was just hoping I might get my potions essay out of the way at the same time."

"I certainly hope I do. I have to pass my N.E.W.T's first and then actually get accepted, but if I'm lucky I'll do well. You never know." He didn't know anything else that he really wanted to do and while Gideon knew there was always the chance of refusal he didn't care. Nothing appealed to him quite like the Auror job and he couldn't settle for much less. "A fair few of them, yeah. The required ones for the Auror position of course but also Muggle Studies, Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy. It can get pretty painful. How're your OWLs going?" The workload was bordering on immense and Gideon was glad that he hadn't been as arrogant as he almost was in his subject choices. Still, if you could do it then you should at least try to and Gideon was hoping that the extra subjects might help him out a bit in the long run.
refinedsavage on March 19th, 2007 08:53 pm (UTC)
Remus considered Gideon's words for a moment. He was constantly the one to (attempt to) rain on his friends' parade, when they thought up some fantastical plan or another that would undoubtedly result in Eternal Glory and the loss of infinite house points. But at the end of the day, he hadn't much control over them, and he didn't want it. He looked to James and Sirius for identity outside of the barbaric: werewolf. They accepted him and they humanized him. And he loved them for it. He would follow them to the edge of the universe if they asked (though not without the pretense of objection). "They're the captains of the ship," he admitted. "But I do my bit of reprimanding."

"Multitasking, ah. It's all clear now." Remus grinned. "So why do you want to make Fabian cry? Or are you being a wonderfully generous brother and helping him make someone else cry?"

N.E.W.T.s were enough to drive anyone mad, and Remus still had two years to wait. "If you run screaming for Bedlam-- er, St. Mungo's-- we'll forgive you." He often wondered why there weren't more casualties around exam time. "O.W.L. classes are... well, more challenging than last year, that's certain. But as long as I don't let the work pile up," And he didn't, "I get along."