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24 February 2007 @ 01:01 pm
Who: Bellatrix, Rodolphus (edited)
What: To be decided
Where: Hogwarts Express

Bellatrix Black sauntered through the crowded Platform 9 and ¾, her black mane about her shoulders, and her face notably blank. Pinned to her white summer dress was the Prefect badge she earned the previous year. She wore it religiously, as it was a physical sign of her superiority, and she was, admittedly, a materialistic creature. And how could one not be, after having been doted upon since birth by Mother and Father? At any rate, she had earned the badge, and felt absolutely entitled to abuse the power that came with it.

The holiday had been long, and not as entertaining as she had hoped. One could only attend so many dinner parties before the smiles became mechanic and the robes grew dull in color. If she had once more to stand beside her mother and offer praise to some elderly fool or another, Bellatrix likely would have broken down and screamed like a banshee. Unfortunately, even the free-spirited girl knew that family came first, and she had to tolerate even the more boring aspects of aristocratic life if she didn’t want to end up a blood traitor. She despised Sirius, after all, for his recklessness.

The girl had mixed feelings on the subject of returning to Hogwarts. On the one hand, Bellatrix would not pass up the chance to assert authority over her peers. It was always refreshing to throw insults and hexes about as if they were perfectly disposable. She could not, for a moment, fathom how some of the Prefects did not wish to step across the boundaries of acceptable punishment, and take the laws into their own hands. Power was quite useless if you didn’t use it to its fullest extent. However, her resources at Hogwarts were vastly limited. That hideous thing called a library housed nothing of interest, with the exception of the Restricted Section (which in itself was seriously lacking). Even worse, one could never trust the school’s Owl Post. It was impossible to write the things she really wanted to write. For all she knew, Dumbledore was reading her mail.

Having already departed with her parents before crossing the barrier to the platform, Bella needn’t waste her time with petty farewells. She boarded the train, her trunk hovering in front of her. After settling her things in the overhead storage of the compartment where the Prefects were supposed to congregate, the Slytherin made her way back in the corridor to wreak havoc monitor students. Their greetings and the melodrama of their lives echoed painfully through the train, and the young serpent’s blank countenance took on small sneer of sorts. Though many of her own problems and friendships were equally as dull, she needn’t admit it to herself, and was instead quite content with staring daggers at the offenders. Such was the art of hypocrisy.
strangedolphus on February 24th, 2007 06:16 pm (UTC)
The cart squeaked as the young man pushed it through the barrier. It was possible that it was under a lot of stress from three trunks, but Rodolphus needed all his things. A soft smirk graced his countenance as he landed on the platform and he spotted many new faces and many old ones, as well.

After a short, but polite, wave to his brother, Lestrange's bags began to levitate beside him. Purposely going in the last car, so he could walk through the entire train, Rodolphus began to check out the new people, and see what puberty had done to the returners.

With a flip of his long chestnut hair and a flash of his hazel eyes the Slytherin watched all the first year girls go weak in the knees. Trying desperately to hide his look of disgust at the vast number of mudbloods that were in the entering class, the pureblood became hopeful as he saw the all-to-familiar quaff.

Lestrange smiled as he saw Bellatrix coming towards him and prepared to greet her. "Good day, Bellatrix."
vainphantasma on February 24th, 2007 07:00 pm (UTC)
The scowl on the Black daughter's facade dissolved when a familiar (and pleasing) face became apparent in the crowd of students. It was not easy to ignore the presence of Rodolphus Lestrange. Nor could Bellatrix avoid his vast collection of possessions, which were housed in not one, but three trunks. If one should be in opposition to owning so many things, Bellatrix was not. She tended to be fond of people whose ideals and aesthetics were like her own, and Rodolphus’ seemingly were.

“Same to you… Mr. Lestrange, is it?” She teased, feigning ignorance. However, moments later she offered a smile and touched his arm. They had begun to date shortly before the holiday, and she would have liked to have seen him more over the summer. There were few people who could keep her attention as long as he. And even fewer with whom she was willing to be so friendly.

Bella’s heavy gaze darted toward a group of incessantly chattering girls, who were undoubtedly whispering about them. “It seems we are the subject of much gossip,” she added, speaking loudly and harshly enough so that the whispers came to an abrupt stop, and the students scurried away. Crossing a pair of sixth year Slytherins was not a wise thing to do.

“How was your holiday, then?” She asked as an afterthought, and turned her attention back to the boy. “Did you manage to escape England?”
strangedolphus on February 24th, 2007 07:12 pm (UTC)
"Then let's give them something to gossip about," Rodolphus said with a grin as he leaned in to kiss his girlfriend's cheek. After slowly pulling away he glanced out at the corner of his eye to the girls, obviously first years since they didn't have and house badges on their robes. "I'll bet you that three of the four end up in Hufflepuff."

Realizing that pressing matters, like Bellatrix, would mean he would be here a while, the three bags continued down the hall by themself to the Prefect area. Normally, he might have worried that someone would have tried to steal them or open them, but the joy of being a wizard was the bags could be hexed -- by his father, of course since he wasn't allowed to practice magic off school grounds.

"It was brilliant," He paused. "We ended going to my Uncle's estate outside of Provence for two weeks." Shrugging. "On the positive, escaped England. On the negative, two weeks with twelve cousins in one estate." Normally, he would have had to explain his point, but Bellatrix was one of the few that could understand him without long explanations.

"Have you seen some of the Slytherins, they've changed since the summer." Quickly, a devilish grin appeared then just as quickly as it came, it left. "Some of the girls are quite attractive." He gave her a playful wink. "Although, rumor has it that the Slytherin Prefect is the most beautiful in all of Hogwarts." Father had always told him that flattery would get you everywhere.
vainphantasma on February 24th, 2007 07:45 pm (UTC)
While Bellatrix often used public display of affection as an excuse to curse the daylights out of other people, she didn’t so much mind when she herself was involved. So long as her father believed that she was reserved and virtuous, anything was acceptable. In fact, she returned the kiss briefly, favoring Rodolphus’ lips over the cheek. “Hufflepuffs, yes. It’s shocking they’re not squibs. I do wonder if the Headmaster hasn’t made a mistake.” Disgusting children, really. And she wouldn’t put it past Dumbledore. He was an overrated, overbearing fool of a man.

“Provence? Lovely. You’re much luckier than I am. I was stuck in London the entire time. My father had business to attend to…” She said the word business as if it was very important but contemptuous. In actuality, Bellatrix knew very little of the things in which Mr. Black invested his time and money, and was highly intrigued. Then again, she knew more than her mothers and sisters did, as she had a habit of spying and eavesdropping. “Twelve cousins? You poor, fertile Lestrange men,” she lamented, but with a tiny smirk. “I’ll take those twelve cousins over Sirius Black any day.” She needn’t mention her sister Andromeda. It was an even sorer subject.

“I saw some, yes,” she admitted. It was highly important to see who had sprouted up, and who was prettier than who. The game of vanity was highly competitive in the Slytherin house. Which was why Bellatrix flinched for a moment when the word girls, in plural, escaped Rodolphus’ tongue. However, his compliment squashed her paranoia, and she relaxed. “You know what they say about rumors…” Here she paused to press her palm to the Lestrange boy’s shirt. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

After flashing a demonic smile which rivaled his, Bellatrix gestured down the corridor. “It’s a shame we have to sit with those insufferable Gryffindors. I hear Lupin and Evans were made Prefects this year. A halfblood and a mudblood. What is this world coming to?”
strangedolphus on February 24th, 2007 08:00 pm (UTC)
"Well you can use your Prefect powers to give Sirius his just desserts." Rodolphus faked a shocked expression as Bellatrix placed a hand on his shirt. Thankfully the sudden movement of the young woman had encouraged the first years to go find seats, leaving the corridor empty. Using this to his advantage, the Prefect pulled the other close by her waist. "I guess we'll have to encourage them into resigning." Lestrange knew Black would know encourage was synonymous with scare.

Letting go now, just in case someone were to walk down the hall. The young man straightened up his posture. "Maybe if we find a bunch of mudbloods that are in violation of the rules today, then Dumbledore will have to change his stance." Lestrange knew that wasn't the case, but he had hope. "Merlin knows that half the people on board have butterbeer or firewhiskey hidden amongst their things."
vainphantasma on February 24th, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
"Desserts," Bella echoed, tilting her head and raising an elegant brow. "You make it sound so appealing." And really, it was. There were few things more satisfying than punishing her cousin. Perhaps Sirius wouldn't agree, but that was only a minor complication. Leaning upward as Rodolphus touched her waist, she whispered in his ear: "I guess we will."

Bellatrix straightened as well, smoothing the edges of dress. "And if they don't, we could always plant them. Evans surely wouldn't be able to talk her way out of trouble should a flask find its way into her school bag." And Bellatrix had several such flasks. "But the little angel," she added, hissing the word in disgust, "Will have to do something far more drastic to be stripped of her badge. She's every professor's favorite. The Slughorn fawns over her makes me ill."

Sighing, Bella continued. "But we're too well behaved to do something so cruel..." Only they weren't. Not at all. But it was always amusing to pretend.

Bella's eyes wandered to the floor, and fell upon an abandoned copy of the Daily Prophet. She lifted it with ease and studied the cover momentarily. "The things they say in this paper about our class should be illegal." Always, there was news of Purebloods complaining or being involved in legal troubles. It wasn't their fault that everyone else was too daft to take charge. "We donate far too much money to have our names tarnished." That is not say that the paper didn't print positive things from time to time.
strangedolphus on February 24th, 2007 08:46 pm (UTC)
Rodolphus smirked and slowly removed a silver flask from his pocket, after making sure the coast was still clear. "Take a swig, it will make the Daily Prophet a little better and make today a little less painful." Lestrange extended his arm with the flask to his girlfriend. "Drink as much as you like, I brought plenty."

It always surprised him how the administration managed to think he was so innocent, yet Lestrange managed to supply a third of Slytherin with alcohol (at a fee, of course). "Don't worry Bella. Evans is only a matter of time. Think about it. She'll either crack under the pressure or she'll mess with the wrong students. And if she does, we'll make sure points get deducted from the Gryffindor." He leaned in closer. "Besides, Dumbledore isn't going to risk the Goyles recinding their agreement to update the potions facilities or the Yaxleys recinding on upgrading the Quidditch pitch."
vainphantasma on February 24th, 2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
Bellatrix accepted the flask without question, tipped her head back a bit, and sipped generously. The slightly bitter taste of the liquor was refreshing. She took it upon herself to replace the flash in Rodolphus' pocket. "Mmm, yes, that will help." Now, if only the castle's house-elves would serve such things at breakfast. Lessons would be far more tolerable.

"I can imagine the look on her ugly little face when she gets points taken for the first time in her life." Bella smirked. She hated the redhead with a passion, even if Lily had never done anything wonderfully offensive to her. The Gryffindor was guilty be association, and more importantly, by blood. "And our pitch is in desperate need of an upgrade."

While she never had much patience for the sport, she did enjoy it when Slytherin won. "Speaking of Quidditch, if Potter and company think they're going to win this year, they're in for a nasty surprise." The Slytherin team had talent. And when they didn't? It was easy to buy it. "It's one of the few things we have to look forward to this year. But at least our O.W.L.s have passed, yes?"
strangedolphus on February 24th, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
Rodolphus laughed. "O.W.Ls down, N.E.W.T.s to go," he said with a morbid tone. Exams were painful for most, but Lestrange had nothing to worry about. Hopefully his parents would be generous and give him his rightful inheritance before he graduated so he wouldn't have to worry about looking for a career.

"Is Potter on board?" He glanced around hoping that James would make his presence known. "He has to be doing something inappropriate." He paused. "Sirius and Peter always seem to bring it out in him." With a grin he eyed Bellatrix, quirking an eyebrow as he did. "I'm sure we can get them in trouble."
Narcissa Black: stare. pink dress.ciaohogwarts on February 25th, 2007 02:20 am (UTC)
In Narcissa’s opinion the summer had been just fantastic. She had rested up and lounged around the mansion more than her pretty Black heart desired. There was no need to pick up a book or brew Shrinking Solutions. And she didn’t have to worry about McGonagall’s dirty stares. That woman seriously needed to do something about the wrinkles forming in her evil brows. No wonder she wasn’t married. Men didn’t fall in love with witches with crow’s feet. But enough about the Gryffindor demon.

Narcissa and her sister may have spent their summer in London, but it was a pleasant one. Wasn’t any time spent away from Hogwarts pleasant, to be fair? And she was certain that she had grown a whole quarter of an inch. That was always wonderful. After bidding short farewells to her parents she trailed far before Bellatrix as she made her way to the designated platform. Narcissa kept one arm close to her side careful not to bump into any of the dirty passerby muggles while her other delicately gloved hand pulled her trunk behind her. Her already pinched looking nose was lifted up with an air of superiority. Ew. Couldn’t the platform have been in Diagon Alley? King’s Cross! Of All places!

When the Slytherin finally found her way on the train she was quick to spot her sister engaged in conversation with Rodolphus. Curious, as usual, she proceeded arriving behind Bellatrix as Rodolphus spoke of Potter. “Disgusting,” Narcissa pouted, lifting a hand to press the older girl’s dark hair behind her ears, “I don’t think speaking about such filth is too entertaining, especially this early in the day. I might lose my breakfast. You could be talking how fabulous Bella’s new earrings are.” She gushed as she glanced the silver serpent earrings over. They were amazing, of course. The emerald eyes and ruby tongue really gave it that something extra.

Drawing back her hand she peaked over Bellatrix’s shoulder, looking to Rodolphus. “Morning, sir Prefect. Enjoying your authority?” Narcissa knew that if she were a prefect, she’d be abusing her powers left and right. Whoever thought that it was safe to give Slytherins that brilliant badge was quite off their rocker. Their definition of fair may have been a bit different from everyone else.
vainphantasma on February 25th, 2007 02:46 am (UTC)
Bellatrix was about to answer Rodolphus' inquiry about Potter, when a distinctly familiar voice echoed behind her. "Narcissa." She stressed the second syllable, and nearly hissed the double s of the blonde's name. "It's not as if we were putting Potter a good light, darling," she explained quietly. Her eyes remained on Rodolphus, as she already knew her sibling's visage by heart.

When the younger Black drew attention to Bella's earrings, the elder girl touched one idly. A pleased smile settled on her red lips. "They were an early birthday gift from Father." Narcissa undoubtedly already knew that, but Rodolphus did not. Bella despised having a birthday in the middle of September. It would have been much better to be born in the winter or over the summer holiday. But she could not argue with fate, and she was a firm believer in astrology.
strangedolphus on February 25th, 2007 06:20 pm (UTC)
"Hello Narcissa." Birthday gifts had always been a soar subject for the Capricorn Prefect. Born on Christmas, Rodolphus had always received gifts, the largest one always deemed for his blessed birth, but his parents were never the type to go out of their way to buy something for Lestrange. There was a reason they were rich, they didn't spend any money -- which partly explained Rodolphus' 'rebellious' spending (as seen by the three trunks).

Focusing back on the earrings, he spoke. "They are beautiful." Slowly he turned to face Narcissa, it was only polite to acknowledge her existence, it's not that Lestrange didn't like her, it was that she had a habit of showing up at inopportune moments. With that said, she did have a certain brilliance that all the Black women seemed to posses, well except Andromeda, of course. He gave the younger sister a playful smile. "Me? Relish in authority? Never."
Narcissa Black: Run away.ciaohogwarts on February 26th, 2007 02:11 pm (UTC)
Narcissa glanced at the back of Bellatrix’s head, her brows falling in a frown. She wasn’t a fan of how the girl said her name. Nar-SIS-UH. It was too abrasive sounding, like the sizzle of butter beer being opened in a shaken bottle. Her name was to be said a soft and loving tone. “Yes, love. I should say not. We’d have some things to confer if that were the case. I just never thought any discussion of Potter was quite enticing,” she said simply, ignoring the girl’s snake-like hiss of her name. At the mention of Bellatrix’s earrings being beautiful she merely nodded, “Of course.”

Narcissa quirked a brow as she looked in Rodolphus’ direction, “Mm, yes. We’ll see, won’t we?” Feeling a tickle at her feet the Slytherin glanced down to see her cat, Lila, wrapping itself around her ankles. Wiggling her feet free she pushed it away with her heel, not daring to lean over and pick her up. Merlin knew what she may have stepped on, coming on this train. “I’ll be going. Don’t behave too badly, loves,” Narcissa said, with a slight nod as she pulled her luggage into a compartment a few doors down, Lila traveling behind her.

vainphantasma on February 26th, 2007 09:06 pm (UTC)
Bellatrix loved her sister dearly, but she really did worry about the girl. Didn't Narcissa know the difference between discussing someone conversationally and planning their demise? Ah, well, she was still learning. And there was much Bella had left to teach her. It wasn't as if Andromeda had ever been any help in that department.

When the exchange between the blonde and Rodolphus drew attention away from her, Bellatrix tried to ignore it. She was, like many of her house, a vain girl. Attention was not merely wanted, but needed. Even as she strove to bring her sister to her level, there was also an air of competition between them. The paradox could be disquieting at times. "We always behave perfectly," she promised, a smirk dancing across her lips, as she watched her sibling and the feline. Bella had always had a fondness for cats. They were far more sensible and intelligent than dogs.

The sixth year leaned into Rodolphus, and wiggled her fingers lazily at the retreating Narcissa. "Let us patrol the compartments, dear..." She said at length, looking up at the young man.
strangedolphus on February 27th, 2007 02:29 pm (UTC)
Rodolphus sensed the air of competition, it was one of those things that seemed to come out whenever he showed attention to another woman, especially a busty one. He leaned in to give her another kiss, to calm her down. Slowly Lestrange pulled away, a soft but interesting smirk on his face. "Let's go."